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Building strength, balance, power and grace from within

About Performer's Advantage

Performer's Advantage Training Programs are results oriented and fun. Expect professionalism and program design with an emphasis on injury prevention and improved performance.  Performer's Advantage offers the cutting edge in performance training for skaters both on and off the ice. Our prices reflect our effort to stay current through educational seminars, workshops and certifications as well as our program design skills and proven methodology. We look forward to serving you and getting to know you better.

Logo and Tag Line

Building strength, balance, power and grace from within...

Haystack Rock (located in Cannon Beach, OR) represents a strong powerful center or core (physically, mentally, and spiritually). The ocean represents grace, individuality and freedom of movement and expression. And what you may not see, is two sets of footprints becoming one in the sand. See the original art by Gary Inman that was my inspiration by clicking on the icon at the bottom of the page. From there, click on Pacific Northwest to see his photographs of Haystack Rock.

View the original Footprints poem