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Building strength, balance, power and grace from within


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"...Competitive Skaters must be prepared for a lot of work, challenges, self-discipline, and motivation. The desire must be there, but more importantly, your love for the sport."-Oksana Baiul more quotes


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Skating Tips

Tips from Top Skaters

Performers Advantage Tips

Improving your Spiral

Parent Guides & Getting Started

Skating Meets Ballet

Katherine Healy Montage

Foot and Hand Positions

Skating Downloads/Articles

Behind and Beyond Periodization

Integrated Performance Support: How Planning helps keep skaters healthy and injury free

Performance vs. Appearance: Keeping a Performance-Centered Focus on Nutrition

Monitoring in the Annual Plan: Every successful business has a plan, what's mine

Hidden Training: What we don't see and why it matters

Athleticism and the new USFS S.T.A.R.S. program

Jump Manual by Trevor Laak pdf

ACSM Position Statement on Power Development


Skating Links

United States Figure Skating Association

US Figure Skating S.T.A.R.S. Assessment

Professional Skaters Association

Golden Skate: Figure Skating Resources

Skate Stuff by Don Korte, USFSA Judge-Figure Skating Information and Links

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Dancewear Solutions


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Ballet for Figure Skaters

Figure Skating in SE Wisconsin

 Click here for clubs, testing, competitions in Wisconsin