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Building strength, balance, power and grace from within

About Susie

I have enjoyed training athletes from a variety of sports including elite soccer players, professional football players, collegiate athletes, weekend warriors, as well as developing and injured athletes. I believe in Faith, Family, Friendship and Fun. My ideal day would be spending the day at the beach with family and/or friends, showering up and going out to eat. I love spending time with my husband, Brad and daughter, Alexandria. We are blessed to have a loving, supportive extended family as well.

My credentials:


  • Assessor for S.T.A.R.S. Program, USFS Off-Ice Testing 2011,13
  • Guest Instructor for SCIS Annual Summer Skills Wkshp, 2009
  • Speaker for Professional Skaters Association, 2007 & 2009 
  • Performing Arts Medicine Workshop & Seminar in NYC, 2007
  • Speaker for Green Bay Youth Symphony Orchestra, 2006
  • Speaker for National Novice Seminar at USFS Championships, 2000
  • Volunteer for High Power Testing at USFS Championships, 2000
  • NFL Air-it Out (Green Bay, Chicago, Cleveland)
  • National Tae Kwon Doe Championships, 1992

My "earlier" activities: Figure skating, Track (state qualifier), Dancer for: GWSW Dance Team (Troyettes), Gymnastics (non-competitive), & Swimming (non-competitive)

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 About Alex

  • Instructor in Moves, Dance, & Freestyle
  • USFS Triple Gold Medalist (Moves, Dance, Free Dance)