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Building strength, balance, power and grace from within

 Off-Ice Exercises for a Great Spiral/Catch Leg

Figure skaters need to build a strong foundation by participating in a balanced strength and conditioning program. The following exercises are great for improving the various spiral positions and with the proper guidance may enhance an existing program.

This montage of Sasha Cohen's spirals will motivate you!

 Flexibility First

Stretch 30 minutes every day-You will need to stretch daily to achieve the desired range of motion for the spiral or other specialty moves such as the catch leg, spread eagle, Ina Bauer, or Charlotte.

Performers Advantage Stretches

 Building Strength & Stability

Strengthen following every stretching session so that you can move with ease within the desired range of motion.

Basic core exercises are key before more challenging, skating specific exercises can be performed.

4 point Opposite Leg & Arm Lifts:

4 point Leg Lifts in parallel

4 point Leg Lifts in turn out

On Tummy, opposite arm/opposite leg


Pilates Swimmers (Advanced)

 Balance Exercises for the spiral


Airplane and T-Pose: These exercises are just like they sound. In airplane, stand tall with tummy in and arms out in a "T" position. Allow trunk to drop as free leg rises. Maintain a straight line from shoulders to foot throughout motion while keeping arms out.  T-pose, is similar but begins with arms over head.  Again, allow trunk to drop as free leg rises, maintaining that straight line from fingertips to toes.

Bonus Sequence: This sequence improves strength, flexibility & balance.

  • Stand tall, tuck chin and roll down to touch your toes. Hold stretch 8 seconds.
  • Walk out to a plank (Keep 1 leg lifted an inch off floor for increased difficulty).
  • Perform 1-3 Push-ups keeping hips level (Keep that leg lifted).
  • Walk your hands back while raising the lifted leg to the sky (Hold 8 seconds)
  • Go to airplane position. Hold 8 seconds.
  • Go to aerebesque position. Hold 8 seconds.
  • Perform a calf raise on the stationary leg while maintaining aerebesque position.
  • Repeat to other side  

 Spiral Exercises on the Physioball

Once your skater has accomplished the above moves, progress to a physioball for added challenge and fun! 

Physioball Straight Leg Hip Extension

Physioball Hip Extension (Spiral Perfector) Start

Physioball Hip Extension (Spiral Perfector) Finish

Physioball Body Bridge

Physioball Hamstring Curls

Video Series: 3 good exercises for spiral