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Building strength, balance, power and grace from within

Tips from top skaters

Tips from those who have been there!

Alissa Czisny, Gold Medalist at the 2009 United States Figure Skating Championships

I asked Alissa Czisny what kind of advice she could offer newer and/or young skaters regarding off-ice training.

"Let's see...I will start with warm-up. I think that it's really important to do a good warmup before getting onto the ice. This warmup should include running around/various ways of getting the body moving, stretching, and off-ice jumping. I've found off-ice warmups to be extremely beneficial for skating and for injury prevention. And cool-down is also very important. I like to stretch after I skate, relaxing into each position, and trying to let my muscles recover from the skating. I think that the warmup and cool down before and after skating is one of the most important--and most overlooked--parts of skating. Another important tip is off-ice training in general. I've found it to be very beneficial to take ballet classes for skating. These classes help movement and grace, as well as strengthening and giving flexibility, I think. Other off-ice training that is beneficial is yoga, strength training and plyometrics, pilates, and interval training. Doing the off-ice training a few times a week can greatly improve strength on the ice.
I hope that some of these "tips" can help you for your site!" -Alissa Czisny


Rory Flack


I asked Rory Flack, coach, choreographer, competitive & professional figure skater known for her amazing Russian split jumps and one of the few women who can do a back flip on the ice, what tips she could give to young skaters. Very energetic in her response, she said that she was always stretching...stretching while she did her homework and "upside down while watching TV"! She also said that she always did off-ice training at the rink too. She believes that while it is important to do cross training, specialization in your sport is key to becoming excellent. While training, Rory skated 1-2x/day every day of the week.

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