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Building strength, balance, power and grace from within

Training Principles/Terms

Specificity: Training should be similar to event. (duration, type): Sprinters should sprint!

Overload: Work harder than the body is accustomed to.

Progression: Gradually increase difficulty or volume of exercise/activity.

Adaptation: Doing the same thing over & over will create adaptation. Increase intensity or volume to progress.

Use/Disuse: Deconditioning begins within 2-3 days of stopping activity.

Individuality: Each person responds to exercise, training, skill acquisition in a unique way.

Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS): As a result of training, muscle soreness may occur 48-72 hours following activity.

Ideal training occurs when you overload!:

  • Undertrain=underperform/slow, negligable improvements
  • Overload=improve performance  
  • Overreach=improve performance but body sends indicators of "overdoing" such as increased heart rate, irritability, aches and pains etc. Back down slightly by increasing rest, decreasing volume and intensity. 
  • Overtrain=underperform (injuries, muscle breakdown)-May be difficult to bounce back within competitive season.