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Travel Tips








  1. Plan, plan, plan. Make all of your arrangements before leaving.
  2. Map it! Make sure you locate all of the venues and print out maps.
  3. Make contacts! Contact the local Chamber of Commerce in advance for free maps and information about restaurants, activites and events in that city. Have friends in the destination city? Call in advance and remember to take their contact information.
  4. Create list. Make a list of all the items you will need for travel. Keep this basic list and update depending on the trip.
  5. Visit the concierge. After arriving at the hotel, meet the concierge for tips on great restaurants etc.
  6. Know your hotel. Hot tub/pool? Better bring a swimsuit! Exercise facility on or off site? Hair dryer?
  7. Bring it! While traveling light is great, minimize stress and increase your comfort level by bringing some of your own ameneties: your hairdryer, favorite flavor of tea, pillow, favorite snack, stuffed animal etc.
  8. Pack some fun! Among all of the needed items, make sure you remember to bring some fun things to do: a puzzle book, ipod, DVD's/player, nintendo, books, books on tape, travel games.

For travel by air:

  1. Contact airline for travel restrictions/fees for luggage/carry on information. A little research will save you time, money and hassles!
  2. Wear slip on shoes. Most airlines require you to remove your shoes when passing through security.
  3. Call ahead for flight changes or get on a list to receive the information automatically.
  4. Apply to frequent flier plans.


What to bring?

The key to remembering all of those performance accessories is to get organized. Use my list as a guideline but customize it to your own needs. Keep this list for future performances and update as needed. 

Here is an example of things I bring for a skating event that involves an overnight stay: 

  1. Music, including back up.
  2. Costume/dress and all of its parts (hair scrunchy, jewelry etc.)
  3. Tights and extra pair of tights.
  4. Over the boot tights, if desired.
  5. Skate bag w/guards, towel, soakers, screw driver, polish or tape.
  6. First aid kit. Include basic medications for unexpected illness.
    • Bandaids: various sizes
    • Blister care
    • Pre-wrap/athletic tape
    • Medications (talk to family physician)
    • Disinfectant
  7. Medical Notes 
    • Emergency Contact
    • Name, address, phone number
    • Immunization schedule
    • Blood Type
    • Physician name & number
    • List of medications, allergies, illnesses, injuries
  8. Warm-up gear including good athletic shoes.
  9. Make up bag with make up, hair bands, hairspray, smoothing brush.
  10. Sunless tanner, if desired (for hotel the night before).
  11. Extra pair of skate laces. (Murphy's Law)
  12. Feminine supplies, if needed.
  13. Undergarments
  14. Club jacket, if desired.
  15. Water bottle.
  16. Tissues.
  17. Snacks.
  18. Water bottles.
  19. ipod or CD player .
  20. Clothes (packaged by outfit) For kids, I like to put a complete outfit in a ziplock bag (hair band, underwear, socks, belts, barettes, etc.) It keeps things from wrinkling when they shuffle through the suitcase. This works for adults too if you can find the right size bag.
  21. Other items for travel: hairbrush, toothpaste, tooth brush, deoderant, lotion, contact lens care, braces care, medications,

Other Considerations

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