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Building strength, balance, power and grace from within



       PREVENT INJURIES!                     PERFORM BETTER!

One of the best training secrets is to perform a proper warm-up prior to activity. Whether you are a figure skater, dancer, hockey player or gymnast you need to warm-up. If you are a coach or parent, it is imperitive that you teach your child the importance of a complete warm-up. 

Warm-ups should be completed before ALL practices and events.

Warm-ups should take about 10-15 minutes. There is no such thing as a quick warm up.

General Warm-up-First! 


  • Increases tissue temperatures throughout the body
  • Increases blood flow to muscles in preparation for exercise
  • Prevents injury by allowing a gradual entrance into activity


  • Jog
  • Bike
  • Side stepping
  • Lunge walks
  • Back Pedaling
  • Ankle/hip rotations
  • Other light aerobic exercise


  • Use warm-ups to build teamwork
  • Keep motions slow and unidirectional at first, progressing to complex movement patterns

Pre-Stretch (next) 


  • Stretching warms-up deep muscle fibers
  • Increases muscle length to improve ability to safely perform necessary skills
  • Lubricates and warms up synovial fluid which reduces friction in the body
  • Increases respiratory rate (breathing) and heart rate
  • Aids in the prevention on acute injuries
  • Decreases post career pain by maintaining range of motion in all joints
  • Develops body awareness in developing athletes


  • Following a proper warm-up (above)
  • Foam Roller Exercises for mobility
  • Gentle Dynamic Stretch (high kicks)
  • Use good posture during all stretches
  • Concentrate on stretch and body rather than socialize
  • Begin focusing on practice/event
  • Exhale to stretch/Inhale to relax...restretch

Performer's Advantage Stretches

Sport Specific Warm-Up Last 

Take approximately 5 minutes to perform exercises which utilize the specific muscles required in sport. A coach or trainer can help design a great warm-up.

Performer's Advantage Warm-Ups 

Warm-ups for figure skaters

Dynamic Warm-ups for figure skaters